Naughty Alysha

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

How's Life?

We went out this past weekend to show off my new car...hehe. We went to the Blue Martini near the airport, then to Channelside. We had a great time! Then on the way home, Adam pulled over into a Burger King parking lot and started fucking the shit out of me! OMG, it was soooo cold, but we both took off our clothes and I bent over the car and he started ramming me from behind. We then rode home in the nude and took a shower. While we were in the shower, I bent over for him to start fisting my twat. He started with one hand and then forced the other one in. I told him to pull them both out at the same time slowly so I could feel the stretching really slowly. He then started fingering my asshole and eventually got all 5 fingers in but couldn't get past his knuckles. I did however, take a larger dildo in my ass while he pounded my twat with his fists. He then stuck his cock in my ass and fucked me while his fist was in my pussy. I came so many times and so hard I couldn't breathe! He finally came and he got of the shower. I wasn't finished, though. He was lying in bed watching Playboy TV and I kneeled down in front of him on all 4's and started pounding my asshole with that dildo again. I told him to ignore me and watch the TV so he could degrade me. So he started telling me things like, "Get out of my way, you fucking slut, I'm trying to watch TV". He even slapped my ass a few times and tried to move me out of the way. However, he couldn't stand it any longer and stuck his cock in my ass for one last round. He pulled my hair and put his hand around my throat and treated me like the dirty whore that I am. I LOVED IT! I finally came for like the 20th time and fell down on the bed. It was nice!

Anyway, just wanted to let you know about my weekend...hehe. Maybe this coming weekend will be even hotter!


Monday, January 10, 2005


You guys will definitely be seeing me do some shoots in this baby! It's sooo sexy! I'm not going to tell you what it is, though. You will have to see me in the shoots...hehe. It was my birthday gift from Adam. It is convertible and red, but that's all I'm going to tell ya.

Now...On with what's been going on with us. We changed servers so that you guys can have me faster...hehe. We also changed the message board. The other one was getting a bit too old, so we wanted to upgrade. All of your older messages have been erased, so you have to make new ones for me....*S*

Now, how were your holidays? Ours was great. Our New Year's celebration was awesome. We had all of our kids, plus several of our friends over. Once the kids all went to bed, Adam, myself, my best friend, and Jason(the guy that I had told you about a while back) were in the jacuzzi. I told Adam and Jason to get undressed while my best friend was getting her bathing suit. They gladly obliged. Then I took my suit off and started jacking them both off. Of course, both of their heads were laid back in a very satisfied way and I had my fun for the moment. Hannah then came in to the tub with us and asked coyly as to what was going on. I then commanded her to sit on Adam's lap (without his cock inside of her) to tease him a bit while I played with Jason. She sat on his lap and commenced to sucking his tongue. He then raised her ass and plopped it down on his hard cock. She started to moan and rock back and forth with the waves coming to and fro. I then remembered that I had Jason there with me and decided to kiss him ever so gently on his neck. He looked up at me excitedly and grabbed the back of my head and drove his tongue deep into my mouth. I then started to move my twat over his throbbing dick (but wouldn't allow it to go inside). I spoke in his ear as to, "Do you like this? Do you like my big pussy rubbing upon your cock?" He moaned, "Yes, and I want to be inside of you." I giggled and asked how badly he wanted to be inside of me. He then answered with a thrust of his cock right into my twat! I moaned and kissed him even harder. I told him that his cock felt sooooo good inside of my cunt that I wanted to cum right then and there. So, he stopped and turned me around. I then looked in front of me to find Hannah's ass in my face. I then decided to ream her ass and lick her cunt until she was weak. She then laid back and Adam pounded her so fucking hard that half the water went out of the jacuzzi! I only turned to Jason and told him that I wanted to taste him. He then stood up and jammed his rod down my throat and as I felt his cock jump with a jolt, I tasted his cum sliding down into my mouth. I rubbed the dribble from my lips and stuck my ass in his face. He licked my shithole for quite some time before I came over and over again. By this time, it was daylight and we felt it would be best if we all went to bed....

Since then, we haven't been out. UNTIL this past weekend. We met up with a couple that we met in New Orleans. We went to our swingers club and had a complete blast! We met up in the club part and moved over to the "fun" part of the club. I immediately TRIED to take control. I ordered he and Adam to suck her tits while I sucked her twat. They were more than happy to do so. I loved that. Then I went to her husband while Adam went to her. I watched as Adam's tongue plunged into her mouth and I couldn't help myself, as I sucked her husbands lips so hard that I may have bruised them! I then tried to hold him down as I wanted to be in control of this "man". He made it very hard for me as he was really strong. I told him that the next time that we are together, I would either spank him or I would make him obey in other ways....What do you think I should do? Either way, I had SOOOOOOOOO much fun with them. I want to show him who's boss when it comes to he and I. And I do know that I WILL show him who is boss. It's not a matter as to whom is stronger physically, it's the mind control that I believe in. I am so in control of ALL of my situations, so he better watch out! HEHE.....

Anyway, we are going to California again February 1st to the 6th. I will be doing 2 other movies and then will be doing some sightseeing with our daughters after that. It should be fun.

BTW, I've decided that I'm going to do something different. I've had SOOOO many of you emailing wanting a "private" show/time with me. I will be starting that soon. If you are interested, let me know. My email addy is

Keep in touch!


Thursday, December 30, 2004

The Flu Is Gone!

I still have the residual sinus crap, but feeling MUCH better. It could be partly because of Christmas being over....YAAAAAA! Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas, but we always spend WAY too much From June until now, we have been spending, spending, and spending. We really need to start saving again. But, things are going to be AWESOME in the New Year! I just have a feeling that it is going to be our best year EVER! Adam and I are happier than we've ever been in our relationship and life is awesome (thank You, God).

Soooo, how do you like the new boobs? I absolutely LOVE them. I've gotten so many of you to email telling me how much you love them. See? I told you that wouldn't LOOK fake. Just fuller and perkier! My doctor is a genius! I just have to get back into a workout routine that will get me looking even better! I'm at a very happy time in my life right now and I have people like you guys to thank for that! So....THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Anyway, I just wanted to send you guys a sincere wish for a wonderful and prosperous NEW YEAR! Email me so we can get to know each other! I love you all!!


Saturday, December 18, 2004

I've Caught The Flu

Doesn't it suck!!! Here I am, trying to recover from surgery and I get freaking sick! What luck. But oh well, life goes on. Just wanted to send you a quick hello and stuff. We were supposed to have gone out last night, but I felt terrible so we didn't go. We did however go out to dinner with another couple on Thursday. Of course, I can't play just yet, but we had great conversation with really good food. I believe I told you guys about them already. We met them in New Orleans and now keep in touch and WILL be playing soon...hehe. Anywho, I will sign off for now as my Nyquil is kicking in and I'm going back to bed. Kisses to all of you!!!


Tuesday, December 14, 2004

They are looking awesome!

If I do say so, myself...hehe. I will have Adam post a pic in my message board to show the "2 week post-op" and you guys let me know what you think. I still have the raised area on my aereola from the incisions, but that will go away with time. It's just like any other cut, it has to heal. Either way, I am really happy with the outcome.

Sorry, but nothing new and exciting has happened as of I will be doing a webcam show probably next week, I will let you know what day and time. My bruises are almost gone, so by next week, I should be good to go. I am also going to do a nice Christmas theme set for you guys. If you have any suggestions for the Christmas set, let me know. Remember, my email is

We are going to go out with a couple that we met in New Orleans on Thursday night. They are a VERY attractive couple. Normally, when the girl is hot, the guy is well, not. So, this is going to be a fun time for me...hehe. I've been chatting with them quite a bit and I really like them, so I can't wait! I will at least let you know the juicy details...hehe. We may not get any "playing" in this Thursday, but I'm sure that before long, I will be playing like a wild woman!!!

We aren't going to be doing anything exciting for New Year's. We normally just stay at home with the kids and have a great time. I don't like to fight the crowds or the drivers on New Years, so we play it safe and stay home. Now, my birthday is coming up in February, and I WILL have something cool planned for that. I want to plan a bar meet/fan meeting soon. If you are in the Tampa area and know "just the right place" or know of another webgirl that would like to get together for a meet, let me know.

Alrighty, I am going to sign off for now. I am tired and have to get up early. Love you guys!!!


Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Getting Better Each Day

Just a quick update on my recovery. I went to the doctor yesterday and he said that I'm doing quite well. My boobs look really good. I will post a pic soon of how they look. They actually still have a natural hang to them, but they are filled up! I love them (so far). My bruising and swelling is still here from the lipo, but it's getting better, as well. Last night, I gave in and let Adam fuck me for the first time in over a week. I've given him a BJ (good wife), but he was "jonesing" for some good ole fucking. First, I had to put him in his place and ride his face, grinding my twat back and forth. I love doing this and sometimes, he has to gasp for air...hehe. I then bent over a bit and let him lick my asshole, like a good little do-boy should. He was in heaven (I was feeling quite good as well). I came twice and then told him to do me doggiestyle. I had to hold my tits because I didn't want them bouncing everywhere. I do have to wear a support bra to bed each night, but we tend to get a little you guys know. He fucked me this way for a bit, tellling me to think about the new hot guy that he found for me. You know the one I told you about, the one with the huge cock. Anyway, I came almost instantly...hehe. I then turned over and let him fuck me missionary until he came a gallon. We fell asleep shortly after. It was quite

Alrighty, just wanted to let you guys know about stuff. I'm going to get ready to go see Blade, Trinity. It came out today and I can't wait to see it.

Take care and Stay Naked!


Saturday, December 04, 2004

Total Shit

I am feeling like total shit today. I guess I over did things yesterday. I've been laying around all day. I can't wait to be able to get back into some sort of work out regime. I was told that I can at least start walking next week. I just want to pay my body back for all of the horrible things it's going through, and anytime that I work out, I feel SOOO much better.

I have asked a g/f how long it took her to be able to go out after her surgery and she said a few weeks, so I guess I'm homebound for at least 2 more weeks. DAMMIT! I want to show these babies off! I can't even try on any new clothes yet, cuz I'm so swollen.

BTW, THANKS so much for all of your get well wishes, cards, and gifts. They really mean alot. Oh yeah, and a special "Thank You" to Tom for that bottle of Dom Perignon! I will drink that when my Doctor says that it's okay! I love champagne and that is my fave!

Anyway, I will let you guys know of my progress daily or at least every other day. Take care and stay naked!


Thursday, December 02, 2004

Better Today

Okay, so I'm feeling better today. Maybe is was from all that wine that I drank last Either way, the soreness is slowly going away and my bruises, well, my bruises are still here. I bruise so easily anyway. Anywho, just wanted to let you guys know of my progress.
Email me!


Wednesday, December 01, 2004


I am sooooo sore and drugged up! This surgery had better turned out the way that I wanted! You never realize how much you use your chest muscles until it's painful to use Well, anyway, I just wanted to let you all know how I was feeling. I'm about to fall over in the chair, so I better go back to bed.



Welllll, I just wanted to let you guys know how day 2 of my surgery has been going. First, I was TOTALLY sore and couldn't even go to the bathroom without Adam's help! But, today I am feeling MUCH better. I really don't have any hot sex news to tell ya, considering the circumstancs, but I'm sure that once I'm healed and can go and do NAUGHTIER things, you will hear about it! hehe.

Tonight is my first glass of Reisling in over a week! I love that wine. I started drinking it in Berlin and have wanted it ever since. I am feeling so much better, but between the pain killers and wine, I met say some off the wall

First, let me say that I've received SOOOO many emails letting me know that they are happy for me to get a boob job. They say that they love them the way they are but as long as I'm happy, then they are fine with that. We will be posting some of the pics here and there for your enjoyment (yeah right) and please let me know how well you like my progress.

Also, do you guys know of any workout regime that can help me get back into shape after lipo? I just want to become a hottie Remember, that no matter what I look like on the outside, it's the inside that counts....And this will ALWAYS be the same Alysha!Take care and chat with you soon!